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Wonder Woman (Complete)

Wonder Woman (Complete)
In the Epic complete of Wonder woman vs. Catwoman, Catwoman has Batman and has him naked, tied down, spread eagle on her bed. She is going to have her way with him, but so many things to do! where should she start? As the frisky feline is pondering it over in her head, in bursts Wonder woman here to rescue the Dark Knight. Wonder Woman uses the element of surprise and gets right to it, throwing a jaw breaking right hook to Cats face.When she just laughs it off, Wonder pounds her again using all of those rippling pectorals. Ah she messed up Cats fur. Now she will make her pay! CatWoman moves quick and strikes a hard punch into Wonder Woman’s face. She gives the the one, two and knocks Wonder to the ground. Surprised at Catwomans strength Instead of pouncing on her, she invites Wonder to join her, after all its men who are the true enemies. But Wonder is not about to be strayed from her path of justice by a little pussy talk. Instead she delivers a pulverizing punch to Cats gut. Cat fires back and its an all out Catfight, each trying to gain the upper hand. They take it to the ground and CatWoman again tries to convince Wonderwoman to join her, she has lots of strapons for her to choose and see what it feels like to be man! She could join her evil fun and both fuck poor Batman’s tight little asshole. She knees Wonder woman in her cunt, but Wonder tosses her off and goes to reach for her golden lasso, she will end this fight here and now. But Cat Woman just claws it out of her hands and tells her to fight the old fashioned way. Wonder chargers her and throws her over her shoulders and then drops the Cat to the ground. She uses her massive muscles to deliver crushing belly punches and hard punches to her face. Catwoman is hurt and falls to the ground. Wonder curses Cat and stomps her heel into Cats cunt and grinds her heel into her pussy. CatWoman screams out in pain and reaches back to pull Wonder into a rear naked choke. She slides her legs around Wonders mid and begins to squeeze and choke the mighty amazon. Its no match, and Wonder Woman breaks out to deliver some more punches before trying to end Cat in a devastating back breaker. The cat has tricks of her own and pulls the muscle bound superhero into a crushing head scissor and figure four. As Wonder fights for air Catwoman grabs her lasso, she was so disappointed with Wonder Woman not joining her side. She will join her and shes going to use her own magic Lasso against her! She grabs the golden lasso and ties it around Wonders enormous breasts. Now she will be hers to command! She thinks shes such a goody two shoes, well now she will help Catwoman destroy Batman mentally and physically. Hahahaha! With Wonder woman under her mind control she orders her to get her reward, time to make the Batman suffer! Humiliate him, order him to kiss your toned ass! Batman cries out to Wonder Woman but his cries fall on deaf ears as Wonder woman lowers her ass and smothers his face. His screams are muffled either further when she puts her full weight down and crushes his face with muscular booty. The laugh evilly both enjoying taking the Batman down a notch. All the torment is really turning Wonder woman on, and starts humping Batman’s face. Catwoman eggs her on, encouraging her to use his pathetic face to make herself cum. Since his manhood his wriggling like a tasty fish for a Cat, Catwoman pounces on him and ponders if she should make him cum or just claw his balls off? She purrs in delight and starts to stroke and get him aroused. Getting his cock rock hard in her hand. She makes a bet with the bat that if he can gets Wonder to cum before he does she will let him keep his balls. To bad hes so aroused by Wonder woman’s star spangled ass, and Catwomans touch, he explodes in her hand in under 3 minutes! Wow Batman your so weak! Wonder woman is having so much fun being evil She cant believe it! Time for her ultimate humiliation and payback. Wonder woman and Catwoman are sporting massive dicks! They grab him and order him to start blowing their cocks! He is their little bitch now and they are going to destroy his holes! They force him to gag and spit on there cocks, treating the superhero like a pathetic little bitch. Catwoman jumps on his back and forces him to choke down Wonder woman’s hard cock. When he gasps and gags they just laugh and let out evil giggles. CatWoman eyes Batman’s plump ass sticking up in the air and pounces and claws at it. Spanking him and spots his tight virgin ass! He begs for mercy but receives a hard cock filling up his asshole instead. Wonder woman shuts up his begging by stuffing her dick down his throat. As Catwoman pounds his ass Wonder woman revels she actually has a dick of her own. Shes been saving it, only its filled with poison and when she cums in his ass, he will ! Why, Wonder woman? Catwoman puzzles out loud “I was just going to fuck him, but to him? While literally being fucked to , now that’s too good to be true!” What a horrible demise for the Dark knight, they exclaim as they scream in evil laughter.
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