Wonder Vivian – “The Traitor” – The 3rd Story Part 1 of 2 – Vivian Ireene Pierce and Ester Amoral

Traitor the 3rd Story! After Batgirl Betrayed Wonder Vivian for the 2nd time she was in prison to be well rehabilitated.

Batgirl (Ester Amoral) escaped from prison went on a crime spree to pay for toys and her revenge on Wonder Vivian (Vivian Ireene Pierce). Wonder Vivian comes to Batgirls hideout looks around, nothing seems out of place as Batgirl shows up. Wonder Vivian is set on taking her back to prion where she belongs. When a net of anti gravity was dropped on our Heroines head and slowly pins her down as she struggles helplessly to break free…..

When Wonder Vivian wakes up to find herself tied spread eagle which was part of Batgirls deviant plan to make Wonder Vivian pay. A bit of sweet reengage for incarcerating her A Heat Reflector will cook Wonder Vivian until she is no more!….

Stay tuned for part 2

Video Includes: Superheroines, Spandex, Pantyhose, Boots, Mask, Gloves, Corsets, Redhead, Catsuit, Damsel in Struggling, Bondage, Spread Eagle, Rope Bondage, Net, Rest Fetish, Peril, Revenge, Redhead
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