Dec 172020

Wonder Tony Gets Fucked and Whored Out

Wonder Tony Gets Fucked and Whored Out
Evil Fabiana Fox drags Wonder Tony into her girl-gang’s hide out to show Evil Bunny Colby that he’s been collared with mind bending crystals. Now he’s putty in their hands. The crystals make him submissive and uncontrollably horny.
Bunny suggests that they put on their pink strapons, stretch out his ass, and sell him on the street to make some money. Lot’s of pervy villains would love to fill his ass and mouth with cum since he’s the city’s biggest hero.

Evil Charlotte Sartre struts in with a giant pink strap on right as they are about to start. The three slutty villainesses take turns pounding his ass and putting their pink cocks into his now eager mouth. They tease him with their bodies and sexy villainess pantyhose and fishes while they turn him into a cock craving sissy training slut.

Weeks pass and they celebrate their conquest of the city’s greatest male hero by fucking his slutty ass one more time.
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