Wonder Speaker Makes a Scene

It’s any other day at school and you’re in Ms. Prince’s (Hannah Perez) classroom. Supposedly there’s a guest speaker who’s due to speak in class today. Class starts and Ms. Prince begins the lesson of the day. At some point though, something goes wrong. Anticipating the guest speaker, your teacher becomes taken over and spins rapidly, transforming into Wonder Woman (Hannah Perez) right before your eyes! The mighty heroine introduces herself to the class and starts to deliver her message. However Wonder Woman’s mind is controlled; she begins acting completely inappropriately. She kicks her legs up and spreads them while talking about sex, when she should be educating the class on public safety! She apologizes but can’t seem to help herself. Suddenly Wonder Hannah Perez is spinning again. A whirlwind clouds her, and what emerges from it is Ms. Prince again! The teacher has little or no recollection of what just happened. Ms. Hannah Perez resumes her lesson as if nothing. But within moments, the same thing happens again! When Wonder Perez returns, this time she is more scantily clad than before. This cycle repeats, ending with a very public humiliation for the fallen superheroine being escorted out of the classroom in handcuffs for indecent Exposure-Fantasy!
Embarrassment, Humiliation, Magic Fantasy, Teacher Fetish, Transformation Fantasy,superheroine porn,superheroines fetish,humiliation

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