The Wicked Step Mother

This is a custom order that uses no names. You arrange a meeting with your stepmother as you are not happy and think she may just be after your wealthy father for his money. The moment you start to speak to her, she reassures you and you cant help but look at her legs in the stockings and the way her breasts look in her zip down dress. The way she talks to you is quite soothing and soon you begin to relax in her presence, you have the afternoon off work and before you know it she is swaying a beautiful pendant in front of your eyes. Soon you are in a deep trance, and there she brainwashes you into becoming even more transfixed with her and developing a panty fetish for her amusement and evil master plan. The more she mesmerizes you, the more you start to get hard at the thought of wet sexy lacy panties and your stepmom unzips her dress and teases you with her tits and body. slowly she gets you to open up to her and reveal important financial information to her, you are jerking off over her panties as you tell her about secret family bank accounts and passwords. The act of being controlled and dominated by her drives you wild in your tranced state. Once she has everything she needs, she produces some red panties in a plastic bag which are laced with a vapour. You are instructed to inhale what you think is her sweet pussy smell as she starts to jerk you off, keeping you on the brink and teasing you as you slowly k.i.ll yourself. Once she has almost allowed you to cum and counted you down… she ruins your orgasm and you lose consciousness. The evil women calls her real partner and tells him the deed is done. They will put your body in your BMW, turn on the engine, and put panties on you and surround you with S&M paraphernalia. The family money will be transferred to a secret account using your laptop and a suicide note send to everyone. The family will just think you are a poor sick tragic pervert! Panty fetish, older women, milf, mesmerize, mind fuck, POV, virtual hand job, virtual ruined orgasm, femdom, Executrixx, femme fatale, lingerie, topless, ass fetish, d.e.a.t.h fantasy
This clip features elements of: Ass Fetish,Mesmerize,MILF,POV,Ruined Orgasms,Topless,Femme Fatale

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Duration: 00:22:43
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