Wicked Enchantress Has Her Way With The Prince

Dylann, The Wicked Enchantress came in possession of a mind control stone that she stole from an old wizard. She had to rest with the old bastard to get it, but it was worth it. Dylann is now in desperate need of some young cock to prey on to make her feel young again. She looks into her mirror off the wall and asks for some advice. Her loyal mirror tells her that Prince Albert is in the woods and that he will be easy prey. The mirror magically transports the Wicked Enchantress to where the prince is sitting in the woods all by himself. At first Prince Albert is reluctant to give her any attention, but once the Wicked Enchantress pulls out her mind control stone Prince Albert follows every order she gives him. He is powerless under her spell and Dylann makes him her sex slave.
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