Wen0na In Last Amaz0nia

Scene 1: Down To Earth

Wenona the Amazonia is safe at home and can finally relax from the fighting off of evil. Her enemy sneaks in and binds her wrists which removes her powers, she is now a sex slave. Her new master is spanking her cute little bottom to a cherry red color and he forces her to suck his dick. She struggles to resist and gags on his cock as it is stuffed down her throat. Her enemy the Batman impersonator shows no mercy and makes Wenona lay on her back so he can slam his dick in her mouth some more. He can’t help himself as he makes her choke on a huge load and then swallow it down.

Scene 2: Gods and Mortals

Wenona finds herself on the couch getting her pussy slammed by her enemy and she struggles more as her Amazonian powers are all gone. He bends her over and fucks her pussy while sliding his thumb up her ass. Wenona gets fucked in every position imaginable and ends up taking another load in her mouth, swallowing every drop once again.

Scene 3: Full Effect

The client wakes up Wenona and starts the torture all over again by slapping her ass red, forcing her to the couch and then shoving his massive dick in her mouth while she struggles. Wenona is having difficulty trying not to gag on it. Wenona is getting face fucked with no mercy, his cock is making her choke and struggle to breathe. Wenona gets her legs spread wide open so the client can stick that dick in her pussy first and then he stretches her asshole to the limit with an anal fucking! The client slams her asshole until he fills her crack with a huge cumshot and Wenona quickly pushes out of her asshole making a mess.

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