Teelah has been sent by the Masters of Eternity to find the mystical Mind Shard, a crystal that when powered, can control the mind of whoever its owner desires, but the evil Skullator has his eyes on the same jewel! While Teelah searches through the dark catacombs, Skullator summons his minion, the eight-legged venomous Webstar, to find her and the shard before it is too late. Teelah is soon trapped in Webstars web struggling to escape, when suddenly the wicked sorceress Evilynne decides to take matters into her own hands, and uses Websters tools of pleasure to torture and tease the warrior heroine. Evilynne takes the shard back to her lair and summons its power using her evil magic. Once she can feel its immense power flowing through her, the pleasure becomes overwhelming, too overwhelming for her to even satisfy herself, she must find someone else to satisfy her urges. Meanwhile Teelah is brought to Skullator without the shard, the evil villain is furious and takes out his frustration on the captured heroine, using her to unleash his powerful sexual rage. Teelah is left alone and thinks she can finally escape this horrible ordeal, when she comes face to face once again with Evilynne who now possess the power of the Mind Shard! Evilynne uses the shard on Teelah, turning her into a willing partner to fulfill the dark, mystical, sexual desires flowing through her from the power inside the Mind Shard. Once she has satisfied her cravings, Evilynne has another plan for Teelah, to destroy The Masters of Eternity!
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