W0nder W0man Vs. Nan0b0t Bitch

Entices you with; Ray Gun, Bondage Sex, Spitroasting, Spread Eagle, Face Fucking and Facial. The Sneak Peak is delivered in low resolution for browsing efficiency. IADC agent Diana Prince receives a call from the police commissioner saying that the governor’s daughter has been taken prisoner by a formidable new villainess known as the Nanobot Bitch. Horrified at the news, Diana promises the commissioner that IADC will do all it can do to rescue the girl. She then hangs up, and promptly steps into a clear space in her office. Her arms stretched out at her sides, she suddenly spins herself around. A flash, a bang, and the bespectacled agent is now transformed into the feisty superheroine Wunder Woman. Only she can save the day – and she does not have a second to lose! Meanwhile, the Nanobot Bitch and her two minions are in her observatory, scheming devious schemes. The voluptuous female reclines on one side of her mistress. The lecherous Nano Minion kneels at her feet. Occasionally he reaches out to touch the Nanobot Bitch – only to get a slap, and a better understanding of how she got her name. One moment the Nanobot Bitch is cursing her minion, the next she lets out a laugh of wicked triumph. She has finally figured out how to capture Wunder Woman and bring her to her knees – literally. A short while later, the Amazing Amazon arrives at the outskirts of the Nanobot Bitch’s compound. She was led there by inspired investigation and super-intuition. Little does she know it, but the Nanobot is delighted at her arrival. On a security camera screen in a control room, she, Black Diamond and Nano Minion watch Wunder Woman sneaking through the grounds, dashing from the cover of one tree to another, vainly trying to approach the entrance undetected. When she finally made it inside, Black Diamond and Nano Minion are waiting for her. The laugh with excitement at the thought of confronting Winder Woman and defeating her. But they do not bank on what a fine fighter the Amazing Amazon is. Spurning her customary peace offering, they recklessly close in. What follows is a skilful series of maneuvers by Wunder Woman. A knee to Nano Minion’s breadbasket, a chop to his head, and he is down on the floor. Next it is a grappling match between her and Black Diamond. Summoning all her Amazonian strength, Wunder Woman overpowers her adversary, striking a blow to her chest to knock the wind out of her. Briefly, Black Diamond and Nano Minion attempt to rally for a second attack. But now Wunder Woman is ready for them with her golden lasso. Before they know it, both minions are caught up tight its’ in loop. Where is the Nanobot Bitch? Wunder Woman demands of them. Black Diamond does not want to tell her, but the lasso’s powers force her to speak the truth. In the observatory up the stairs! she answers through gritted teeth. A moment later, Wunder Woman has broken in upon the Nanobot Bitch, dragging Black Diamond and Nano Minion after her. In their ensuing confrontation, Wunder Woman is happily surprised. The Nanobot Bitch offers no resistance to the Amazing Amazon. Instead she graciously surrenders herself and congratulates her on a job well done. Wunder Woman’s righteous fury softens. She is impressed by the Nanobot Bitch’s show of humility. Nevertheless, she will still have to arrest her and take her to the police. The Nanobot Bitch acknowledges this, but requests that it happen in a dignified way. Thus she convinces Wunder Woman to remove the lasso from Black Diamond and Nano Minion since they are sufficiently beaten and embarrassed. Then she suggests a gesture of goodwill: a glass of champagne to toast the end of hostilities between them. Cautiously, Wunder Woman accepts. Shortly after, Nano Minion brings out two glasses for her and The Nanobot Bitch. Despite being so surprised by the situation, Winder Woman has not forgotten about the commissioner’s daughter. When she asks of her whereabouts, the Nanobot Bitch smiles and assures her that she will soon reveal it. Presently, having drank all her champagne, Wunder Woman ends the chit-chat and declares it time for The Nanobot Bitch and her minions to go down town. However, as she starts to move, she suddenly feels her body ceasing up. Instantly, she realizes she’s been tricked. What did you do to me? She demands of the Nanobot Bitch and her minions as they now turn to laughing at her. Nanobots! The Nanobot Bitch replies gleefully. As Wunder Woman makes ever-stiffer movements with her body, she hears the full horror of her predicament. In her champagne were little robots that have now gotten into her body. Already they are taking it over – transforming her into a robot that The Nanobot Bitch, Black Diamond and Nano Minion will be able to command, use and abuse in any way they wish. Even as this knowledge’s reverberates chillingly through Winder Woman’s mind, she loses all remaining ability to move. She finishes up standing in the middle of the observatory, posed as still and as rigid as a statue. While she is in this paralyzed state, the Nanobot Bitch and her minions remove Wunder Woman’s belt and lasso, take her into another room, tie her to an x-frame, and ball-gag her. Soon the nanobots will have entirely taken over the Amazing Amazon in mind as well as body. But the Nanobot Bitch, Black Diamond and Nano Minion are not prepared to wait to the end of the process. They want their fun already, and they’re going to have it! The silent and confused Wunder Woman can do nothing as the three begin pawing her. Crouched on the floor, Nano Minion strokes up the insides of her legs. Black Diamond pulls her corset down, exposing her lovely big breasts so that she can steal licks on them and a suck upon their nipples. The Nanobot Bitch herself produces a huge vibrator and presses it to Wunder Woman’s bottom-clad pussy. Yet all this is merely the beginning! Later, having been taken back to the observatory, still in possession of her mind but not at all in control of her body, Wunder Woman is subjected to all manner of depraved sexual humiliation. It starts with the Nanobot Bitch and Black Diamond donning strap-ons and fucking her in the pussy and the mouth while she is positioned helplessly stiff on her hands and knees. Both the fiendish females thrust their plastic cocks deep and hard into her: the Nanobot Bitch dominating from behind; Black Diamond laughing wickedly up front. Wunder Woman herself moans in torment, but there is not a thing she can do to stop her awful ordeal. The Nanobots have taken such control of her muscles that her mouth hangs ajar when Black Diamond pulls out of it. This expression stays on her face when The Nanobot Bitch and Black Diamond lay her out on her back, part her legs, and take turns strap-on fucking her missionary style. By now Wunder Woman’s mind is also succumbing to the nanobots. She is beginning to forget who she is. A moan – more of pleasure than distress – escapes her lips at the feel of the Nanobot Bitch and Black Diamond relentlessly pounding their plastic lengths into her pussy. Sometimes Black Diamond adds to Wunder Woman’s stimulation by fingering and licking her clit. Even Nano Minion gets in on the act when he fondles one of her bare breasts. As the action rolls on, it also intensifies. Once again the Nanobot Bitch and Black Diamond team up on Wunder Woman to take her from both ends at once. Showing an uncharacteristic wantonness, the Amazing Amazon sucks hungrily on The Nanobot Bitch’s strap-on even as it is fucked between her tight-drawn lips. So intense is all the action that the fallen superheroine and her two victorious female captors actually fuck themselves to sleep. Being left in this vulnerable state has consequences for them all. The reason being that Nano Minion is still very much awake! To his great frustration he has been kept out of everything that has taken place so far. Now, however, he is going to make up for it. Withdrawing a nanobot-filled hypodermic needle from his outfit, he quickly injects the sleeping forms of his mistress and Black Diamond. When they eventually come round, they are in the same predicament as Wunder Woman. Nanobots have taken over them, rendering their bodies mechanically rigid. Indeed, Nano Minion’s own nanobot formula is so powerful that the minds of the Nanobot Bitch and Black Diamond are rapidly altered. Neither of them offer any word of resistance. Instead, the Nanobot Bitch is entirely at her lowly minions disposal. After he has gotten her to give him a long, deep and eager cock sucking, he manipulates her rigid body until she is led on her back with her legs parted wide, her naked and defenseless pussy awaiting him. At his plunging fuck-strokes, she gasps and moans in pleasure. When he gets her on her hands and knees and pounds her from behind, her enjoyment escalates to loud delight. Across from her, Wunder Woman is sucking on Black Diamond’s strap-on of her own accord. Black Diamond herself strokes Wunder Woman’s hair with one hand; with the other she hornily fondles her own breast. The finale to all this intense fuckery entails the three women kneeling before Nano Minion with their faces close together and their mouths wide apart. Wantonly and happily they accept his blasting load upon their tongues, chins, lips. The instant that they have gotten their fill, they all fall back on the floor in another deep sleep. Nano Minion too. However, Wunder Woman wakes up before all the others. She received the nanobot treatment first, and thus the effects for her have worn off before the others. Back in control of her body and her mind, she gets groggily to her feet, straightens her outfit, fetches her belt and lasso, and wakes The Nanobot Bitch, Black Diamond and Nano Minion. Now she is fully revived, her torment behind her. Capturing the surprised trio in her lasso, she commands them to tell her where the commissioner’s daughter is. This time the Nanobot Bitch is beaten for real. Wunder Woman gets all the information she needs from her, then drags her, Black Diamond and Nano Minion away to face justice. It has been another tough and messy adventure for the Amazing Amazon. She has also learned a valuable lesson: never trust a villain – unless you want to get well and truly fucked.
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