W0nder W0man v. Vlad

This custom video was created from the following request: Scene 1 Diana has just arrived at her office, she was just settling in for the morning at the NSA HQ, she was following up on Vlad’s escape from prison trying to figure out his next plan and location, when all of a sudden Diana gets a Skype conference call coming in from the commissioner, Commissioner: Good morning Diana.Diana: Good Morning Commissioner.Commissioner: I wish I had time for pleasantries Diana but something is brewing, as you know 2 days ago Vlad escaped from his detention cell, we figured he would be in hiding for some time, but we were wrong, as of 0200 hrs this morning we had a break in our experimental weapons laboratory in which the x2000 prototype laser was stolen, this laser is designed to be a space base weapons platform designed to shoot down enemy ICBMs and take out enemy missile silos, so you can imagined what would happen if it was turned on to a populated area, good news is we do not feel Vlad has proper facilities to power this weapon since the last time WW destroyed his network and organization, in actuality it would take something along the lines of a nuclear power plant to power this laser, but what we are worried about is Vlad selling this off to a terrorist organization or an unfriendly country to us. Are NSA guys tracked down a phone call from an old abandon fall out shelter in the western United States that appeared to match Vlads voice, Diana I need you to inform WW of this situation and to investigate the fall out shelter and see what she comes up with.Diana: Commissioner I am sure WW will get right on this once I inform her, the call ended, Diana stood up and placed her hands on her hips and shouted out by the POWER OF THR AMAZONS, and with a great flash she transformed into WW, there she quickly left the room to head for the abandon fallout shelter. Scene 2 Vlads dungeon/hideout. Start the scene with Vlad on the phone with Lux Luther, he informs him his plan is coming together and that WB should be there any minute and that the titanium shackles were set to go and tied into his depowerment device, than with an evil laugh he tells lex soon they would have the power for the super laser courtesy of WW. Just than WW kicked the door in and busted in on Vlad, WW standing in a heroic pose with her hands on her hips: Give it up Vlad your evil plan is finished, now were is the laser, he hangs up the phone, Vlad: ah WW its been a long time, ah the laser well its in a safe location right now. WW: I do not have time for your games Vlad as she walks over to him and lifts him up by the throat, now were is the laser as she throws him across the room. Vlad scrambles to get up and reaches into a drawer and pulls a out, WW: really a Vlad this is easier than last time I captured you, Vlad shoots at WW, she easily deflects the bullets, Vlad unloads the shooting around her, the heroine thinks he getting desperate but she doesn’t notice the bullets are loaded with , before she knows it she covered in smoke, WW: what the , must not give in as she grows tired, WW looses conscious and falls to the ground. (here the camera can do a quick pan of WW body laying on the floor) Scene 3 WW slowly starts to wake up, she notices she shackled with chains at her wrist and ankles standing in a spread eagle position with her arms stretched out, WW slowly waking up and looking at her bonds and the wires tied into her belt on each side that connects into the chains but thinks nothing of it, she pulls on her one bond but it does not give in WW: must be some kind off new alloy,(here I would like the sound effects to start) than she tries her super strength using everything she has but the harder she tries pulling she feels herself getting weaker. WW: my powers what the, can not break free, its like the more I struggle the more my powers are drained, what kind of twisted device is this, just than Vlad comes into the room, WW demands to know were the laser at, Vlad tells her its in a safe location, but I do not think your in a situation to make demands WW, he taunts WW, Vlad: ahh WW how are you enjoying my latest invention, looks like my new titanium shackles and chains are doing there job in a laughing voice. WW: we will see about that Vlad, (again more super strength sound effects) WW again tries to break free but it useless and again she feels weakened again, WW: must break free, my powers feeling weak, must not give up, how is this even possible no chains can hold me. Vlad gloats over WW being captured and he informs her of all his evil plans he has in store, Vlad: ahh the mighty WW does not seem so mighty after all, well with you all chained up WW my plans will finally come together, I will hold all the countries of the world hostage with this new toy of mine and you will be out of the way. WW: your insane Vlad, ( again more super strength sound effect) WW: Must break free I can not let him get away with this, my powers starting to feel weaker again, the self righteous heroine tries even harder to break free again she just feels weaker, WW: demands Vlad release her, give it up Vlad your just making more trouble your going to have to answer for, again Vlad reminds her of all the times WW had ruined his plans, AH WW the last time we meet I had everything, money, power, weapons, my own army to take over the world, but than you came in to the picture and destroyed my bases, and lastly you caught up to me, well never again WW, you will never capture me again and send me to prison, this is pay back, with you out of the way no cites are safe for now on, not even you can do anything WW. , WW informs him that will never happen because he does not have a power supply big enough to use it, than Vlad taunts WW some more, Vlad: you will soon learn my full plan WW, just to add insult, I thought I would let you know that right now my agents are tracking down your good friend Steve Trevor. (again more super strength sound) WW: you leave Steve out of this, if you harm him I swear as WW tries with all her might to break free wildly pulling on her bonds trying to free herself but again her strength just continues to leave her making her weaker, Vlad just keeps encouraging her to try and break free and mocking her, WW using all her might continues to try and break free as her strength slowly leaves her. Scene 4 Hours go by the weakened WB still trying with all her might hoping that the chains will give in so she can free herself WW thinking to herself these chains are slowly draining me, I can not believe these chains are not giving in, I have been pulling on them for hours now, must find away to escape , never before has my belt had such a strain put on it, Just than Vlad enters again, Vlad ah my dear WW soon my plan will be put into motion, my laser is nearly powered up. (A defiant WW) WW: how could you even come close to attaining the power needed to operate that laser Vlad , Vlad: You will find out soon enough but I thought I would share my first target with you, its a little uncharted island out in the Atlantic ocean, in fact this island not even on any maps, in fact WW I believe you refer to it as Paradise Island. But before Vlad could finish the enraged heroine tries with all her might once again, WW: I have had enough Vlad it time to put an end to this, I will never let you harm Paradise island, you leave me no choice Vlad, you will now face the full wrath of the Amazons, Vlad laughing taunts her once more encouraging her, Vlad go for it WW this should be fun to watch. (here for this part I was wondering for the sound effect of her super strength if you could mix up the sound and make it sound like its failing her each time she shouts out by the power of the amazons) WW Shouts out by the POWER OF THE AMAZONS, but nothing happens, WW again she shouts out BY THE POWER OF THE AMAZONS, again nothing, WW: My belt, it cant be, my belt it has failed me, never before has it failed, must try again, BY THE POWER OF THE AMAZONS, nothing, shocked at her predicament Vlad continues to tell WW that if she would of given him a chance he would of explained everything, he goes on to explain to her that the chains and wires have been draining her powers off slowly but more quickly as she struggled, WW now more defiant than ever tells him he will never get away, Vlad continues on telling her all this time with her struggling he been storing up all your powers in another bunker lined with a new lithium batteries that been storing all your powers from you struggling all this time, before you showed up WW I did not have the energy to use the weapon, but thanks to your struggles now I do WW, this was all a well planed out trap to steal your powers and use them with my laser. WW was shocked, she was going to be the cause of all the destruction, she was pleading with him not use the weapon as she tried to break free. Vlad got tired of hearing WW trying to plead with him, he informed her he had no use for her and turned up the depowerment device to full, WW was in a desperate situation, the camera pans back and were left with our heroine in serious trouble trying to free her self and begging Vlad not to use the laser, finally out of desperation she tells Vlad that she surrenders and that she is his prisoner and she will do anything to stop the laser, here we end the movie with the camera panning back from WW struggling in her weakened state still trying to free her self and we simple end it to be continued.Please note that his was a request that did not call for any nudity or sex. The focus was simply on Wonder Woman being captured and having her powers drained slowly. If you are interested in seeing Wonder Woman naked or having sex,
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