W0nder W0man Bred, Al1en Enc0unter II

Diana Prince was vacationing alone at a spacious mansion that she had rented. One night, while she lay in bed reading – wearing nothing but a large white shirt to protect her modesty – two masked men quietly forced entry downstairs. They were on a mission to abduct the female whom they knew was really Wunder Woman. Thanks to their preparation, they knew the exact room in which she was staying. Diana was half-asleep when they burst through the door and pounced upon her. Despite her surprise and fright, she defended herself bravely – throwing punches and kicking out at the intruders. But it was all to no avail. The two men eventually overwhelmed her and clamped a damp cloth over her mouth. A deep sleep came instantly to Diana Prince. While she lay unawares, the masked men took advantage of her. They tore open her white shirt, played with her big tits, pulled aside her panties and rubbed her pussy. Diana awoke in the middle of her violation. She reacted fiercely, but the men again got the better of her. They forced her to suck off one of them while the other held her arms behind her back. Diana groaned at her harsh treatment – at having her hair gripped and her head pushed onto a cock until she had to take it throat-deep. But worse was to follow. Working as a team, the two men stretched her out on the bed. Shoulders pinioned to the mattress, the beautiful IADC operative could do nothing as one of the masked men went on to fuck her long and hard in the missionary position, on her side, and finally doggy style. Afterwards she was forced to suck cock once more. This time it ended up with her having to accept a thick blast of cum in her open mouth and over her face. It was a harrowing ordeal for Diana, but it did not break her spirit. As the two men paused for a breather, she sprang to her feet and fled the room. Alone for precious seconds, she stretched out her arms, spun around several times and transformed into her formidable alter-ego of Wunder Woman. When two men caught up with her a moment later, the Amazing Amazon was ready for a fresh fight – with a superheroine’s odds. Alas, even though she battered her enemies with punches and high-kicks, her magic belt came loose in all the action. In the blink of an eye, her luck turned. The men wrestled her to the ground, confiscated her golden lasso and silenced her defiant curses by once again pressing the damp cloth over her mouth. For the second time that night, the Amazing Amazon fell into the darkness of sleep. On waking up, she found herself lying helpless on a table in a white hospital-like room. She was dressed in a tight white t-shirt and panties with her golden tiara still in place. The rest of her outfit hung out of reach on the wall. Suddenly the two men entered wearing lab coats. Wunder Woman demanded they tell her why she had been assaulted and imprisoned. One of the men cheerfully explained that she was there to be used as a super-mother for breeding a special race of aliens. The Amazon closed her eyes, fighting an urge to scream. She had lived such a nightmare before. All of sudden she realized it had been at the hands of the very same men. But how did they find her again? The same man told her that he had inserted a tracking chip inside her pussy during their previous encounter. He remembered the incident vividly – the austere room, Wunder Woman in her splendid outfit, a mask feeding her gas to keep her under, her pussy naked and exposed to his meddling – and the curious probing of his fingers. It had been a pleasant procedure for him. But all that was in the past. All that mattered now was the present – and Wunder Woman’s breeding. Wasting no more time, the two men left the superheroine alone and distressed upon the table. A short while later, something entered. It was the alien – a large, growling humanoid of powerful build. Wunder paled at the sight of it. She tried to move, but her limbs would not respond. In despair she understood that the men must have given her some kind of immobilizing sedative. Nothing could save her from the coming horror. All too soon the alien spotted Wunder Woman and came over to her. It did not need any Earth lessons to figure what it had to do. Grabbing the defenseless superheroine by the head, it forced her to open her mouth and take its cock as deep as she could. The alien’s growls of pleasure mingled with the Amazon’s groans of distress. It reveled in mistreating her – in mauling her big tit through her t-shirt, spanking her face with the full length of its hard meat and harshly fingering her pussy. With ease it tore Wunder Woman’s t-shirt clear off her torso to expose her lovely curvaceous flesh. The Amazing Amazon had no strength with which to resist the alien. She stopped thinking and gave herself up to its vicious lust – anything to survive and fight another day. The alien greedily did all it wanted with her. It fucked her pussy and face for hours. It fucked her hard while she lay weakly on her back, then twisted her over on to her knees and gave her an even more aggressive cock-pummeling from behind. To make absolutely sure Wunder Woman had gotten a good dose of its semen, the alien fucked her one more time – with her legs on its shoulders so it could drive extra-deep into her fertile pussy. Finally, after using her in every which way it could think of, the alien felt the rise of a second cum load and forced the Amazing Amazon to take it all over her face. No sooner was this done than it gagged her and stalked out of the room in growling satisfaction. When the two masked men returned shortly after, they found Wunder Woman a bewildered, exhausted mess. Not that the evil duo cared about her state. Already they were preparing to take her to the birthing room.
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