Vamp1re Temptati0 : The T0uch 0f a W0man

The Raunchy Rose strip club has been driven out of business by the local Church with plans to make it into an all-hours Mission for those in need of spiritual healing. Sister Kenna is hard at work boxing up the former club’s bottles of spirits.
Suddenly she is not alone. It seems a girl that used to work at the club has come in. Sister Kenna is sweet and pure and wants to help the girl. But, as the gorgeous dark haired young woman talks to her, Sister Kenna starts having thoughts and feelings she has kept at bay for a very long time. Temptations radiate off of the mystery vixen, and soon Sister Kenna is lost in her gaze…
Tattooed temptress Katrina is very pleased to find something to amuse her, an innocent sweet nun, with… secret lesbian desires? Katrina uses her vampiric powers to tempt and mesmerize the sweet Sister until she has her doing every lustful thing she desires. Finally, Katrina gives in to her hunger and feeds. Sister Kenna kicks and thrashes as her life is drained away completely.

Category: VAMPIRE
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