V1rgin L0ser F00t Bitch

Custom Clip- 1st half: shot pov from the floor facing the ceiling, you’re standing over me and shoving your feet in my face and making fun of the fact that even though it’s been 3 years since my last custom, everything you said then has come true and i still haven’t gotten laid. Now it’s even worse since i’m a 35 year old virgin. You hover your dirty bare soles right over my face and make me study them while berating me. You love that your clips have only made me more of lonely foot loser while you’re life has only gotten better. You stomp my face a few times laughing about how this is the closest thing to sex i’ve experienced. You then bend down to look into the camera and really drill in how much you hate me and reject me, you can even repeat ‘i reject you’ a few times with a smile. Tell me that all women hate me just like you do. You love how lonely my life is and how even more desperate i am now. Tell me you want me to keep living this way and even order me to stop going out completely, stop trying to have a life or get a girlfriend, just stay single and keep getting more addicted to your feet.

2nd half: camera on the floor, pointed down a hallway. You stand in front of it facing away from me, and lift and scrunch your soles right in my face, with lots of toe curling and posing. Make me think about how this is my entire sex life now, the bottoms of your feet, and how i’m only 5 years away from being a 40 year old virgin. Make me promise your feet to stay alone and keep spending my nights jerking to soles, spending money on girls who hate me. You slip on some platform flips or wedges and tell me you’re going on a hot date. You know i’d love to cum now, but you forbid it. You want to leave me with horrible blue balls. Make me watch your feet as you slowly walk away from me, only to turn around and come back so you can walk away from me again. Make me watch you do this a few times while you keep humiliating me, then finally say bye loser, enjoy being alone and walk away one last time and out the door.
This clip features elements of: Brat Girls,Dirty Feet,Foot Humiliation,Foot Slave Training,Foot Worship,Humiliation,Verbal Humiliation,Bratty Goddess,Femdom Brat,Foot Domination, Foot Fetish

Info :
Size: 332.75 MiB
Duration: 00:20:12
Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 960×540, 25.00 fps(r) (und)
Format: MP4

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