Ultragirl Trained and Drained starring Jojo and Cali Logan

Ultragirl (played by Jojo) is hot on the trail of the notorious criminal, Cali Logan. Just when she thinks she has the perp in her clutches, Cali breaks free just long enough to unzip her catsuit and reveal her secret aegis: titnosis! Ultragirl tries to look away from Cali’s nipples but they have her complete and undivided attention.

With Ultragirl eager to follow Cali’s every command, the villainess has a little fun bossing the prude superheroine around. Finally, Cali reveals her true self and squeezes Ultragirl, draining all of her powers. With every intentional touch, the succubus absorbs every last drop of energy out of Ultragirl, finalizing her obedience with a sensual crotch to crotch orgasm.

Ultragirl now belongs to the evil Cali and will be the perfect pet!

This clip runs 11 minutes long and includes superheroine, supervillain, mesmerize, breasts, obedience, tribbing, costumes, bodysuits, boots, peril, fantasy, bearhugs, sensual domination
Categories Catsuits,Cosplay,Magic Control,Mesmerize,Sensual Domination Cali Logan,Jojo Spatafora,Ultragirl,Succubus,Power Drain,Peril,Parody,Obey
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Duration: 00:11:23 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 771.06 MB

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