Ultragirl; Everywhere A Crisis: Sage Pilar and Tilly McReese (HD)

As the Ultragirl Multiverses carry over from the previous episode (Zero Hour), we find that all the UltraGirls are having their power belts removed and having their powers taken away one by one. It doesn’t take long for UltraGirl Sage to have her power belt removed and be left lying at UltraGirl Tilly’s doorstep. Ultragirl Tilly realizes that Sage is in dire need of help and brings her into the house for some R and R to help bring Sage back to her senses. As the two of them try to figure out what’s going on, they both start to feel a little funny and that’s the last thing the two of them remember.

A few short moments later, they come to realize that they’ve been subdued, have had their power belts taken away, and are now tied together with rope facing each other and trying their best to escape! How can something like this happen to them? They squirm and wriggle as much as they can, while kissing each other every now and then to will each other on to break free from their binds! Soon, Tilly is able to break free and untie the ropes one by one until they are both free from the power ropes that once were secured around them and are now able to start on their journey to get their powers back and fight justice on whoever was behind this! Of course, it can wait while they share some passionate lip locking first as a celebratory small victory!
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