Sep 252015

They start out nude, wow are these bodies hot, you almost want them to just stand still so you can drink in all that beautiful skin — but no you want them to move, yes move those fabulous bodies over each other. They collide, flesh presses flesh as they strain to impose their wills, Capri is pinned down but instead of fighting it she sucks Tylene’s beautiful breast, licking that pert nipple till the blond starts to get hot – Tylene pulls away and continues the wrestling. Then it’s her turn to drag her wet tongue across Capri’s perfect upright nipple. The turn on has started, the fight continues till Tylene splays Capri’s firm legs exposing her luscious feminine entrance, her piano fingers stroke the sensitive bottom lips till Capri shivers. More wrestling till the sexed up petit one has the blond bent over and can now insert her finger in Tylene’s feminine door — the door is open and they both come in and come in hard — yes, soon it’s wet tongues sliding over orgasmic areas and then into them these firm tongues slide. Both ladies quiver as sex rides through their beautiful bodies, faster and harder they ride trying to take it home — ORGASM. To the bedroom, more wrestling and soon they are rubbing feminine areas together — hotter and hotter — ride, ride it home!! — ORGASM!!!!
tags:catfight,lesbian domination,lezdom,female wrestling,pussy fingering,facesitting,forced orgasm

Info :
Size: 548.52 MiB
Duration: 00:25:04
Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 852×480, 23.98 fps(r) (und)
Format: MP4

Download – Lezdom_XFF1.part1.rar
Download – Lezdom_XFF1.part2.rar

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