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Tsarina Baltic – Gay CockSlut Heaven

Tsarina Baltic – Gay CockSlut Heaven
Tsarina Baltic has become one of my favourite content creators in the JOI & forced bi scene. She has a fucking awesome body with that thiccy mix which is shown off really well in this vid because she actually has mostly see-through lingerie on. The audio FX she applied to this one make the sound not quite as good as she usually has in my opinion, but it’s still a great forced bi video. The scenario is that you’ve died, and Tsarina Baltic is there to tell you that you’re now in the afterlife where you can’t hide being gay because all the hot angel women know you are, so she’s encouraging you to do it to please her
Official Description:
Welcome to heaven, I’m your lovely guardian Angel Tsarina, I will guide you to your new place in eternity. Don’t be shy, I know your whole soul, this heaven is made special to cater to your taste, there’s so many cocks around, so many perfectly built men and women, to utterly turn you into a mess, make you feel bliss for all eternity. Indulge in the filthiest fucking, they will eat you up, indulge, become a good cock slut in heaven. Get your ass used up day after day, an orgy of cocks, your mind a mess, your very soul trembling for cock, a brainless fucktoy for all eternity. Before you can fully come, you will have to cum, jerk to these big perfect cocks, obsess over their holiness, jerk and ache for their jizz, feel your pulsations, your pleasure, accept you are a filthy slut for cock.
Forced bi,Mind fuck,Brainwash,gay humiliation,sissy training

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Download – Tsarina_Baltic_-_Gay_CockSlut_Heaven.mp4

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