Tsarina Baltic – Cum In Space Executrix JOI

Being in space can be dangerous, it’s part of the job, unfortunately the consequences for being clumsy are dire and even if you’re the best you can’t be sure you’re safe.You’re not the lucky ones, in fact your luck has run out.You hear over the intercom once your helmet suddenly cracks, you can’t be helped, you’re left to float away from the ship, losing air every second, the crack and pressure of space slowly taking you deeper in the outskirts of space, your mind is starting to go to the most euphoric places, as you’re loosing air. Your mind puts you at ease, a perfect heavenly place where you are with her. She puts your mind into a blissful state, such a perfect state your arousal levels have never so high, this is your escape from reality, a grim future that’s awaiting you as you see your internal system counting down when all the air is gone and nothing will protect you from the end. At least with the lack of airloss your mind leaaves you dazed up in a perfect sensual mirage, to jerk off to, to find bliss and peace in. Feel the warmth of her. Forget everything else.

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