Trillium, Riley Reyes, Kate England, Kasey Warner/Sister As

Description: Sister Ashleigh is made to sit on the mercy seat, a circular black platform made of wood. “Are you ready for your atonement?” Jane asks, leaning in uncomfortably close. Ashleigh blushes fiercely. “First you desecrated your body, and then you lied to me,” Jane says. “What does that make you?” She grabs Ashleigh’s thigh and writes slowly in big block letters. “Whore.” She spins Ashleigh towards Melody, who snickers and grabs her by the throat. “What else are you?” Melody asks. Ashleigh feels the ink, wet and cold, on her chest. “Liar.” Pearl laughs as Ashleigh is turned towards her. “Shame on you,” she says, and covers Ashleigh’s other thigh with the word, “slut.” “But you’re such a slut you don’t feel any shame, do you?” Jane grabs the girl’s face and makes her look her in the eye. “Well, we’re going to make you feel some shame. Aren’t we girls?” Melody and Pearl nod as Ashleigh’s lip trembles. “We’re going to punish you for every, filthy, dirty thing you’ve ever done.” Melody picks up the wooden paddle being picked up and smacks it against her palm. Ashleigh lowers her head. Jane’s breath is hot against her ear. “You have to be punished if you ever hope to be clean again.”

With: Trillium, Riley Reyes, Kate England, Kasey Warner
Categories: Blonde, Facesitting, Fetish, Fingering, Humiliation, Lesbian, Natural Boobs, Paddle, Pussy Eating, Role Play, White
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