Dec 012021

Meru Takatsuki Kang-syaku
The Sailor-Heart has a mission to find a person who is the Savior in order to protect this world from demons. Then, right after the Sailor-Heart touches a girl whom she saves by a mere accident, she viscerally has no doubt whatsoever that the girl is the Savior. But, demons also notice an existence of the Savior by fortune-telling of the evil spiritualist named Arles, and they go beyond a dimension and snatches the girl away. The Sailor-Heart chases them through a hole of the dimension, but she’s knocked out by a monster knight named Eligos who is summoned by the evil clown named Glown, and she falls in a predicament! But, thanks to desperate support of the Savior, the Sailor-Heart turns the tide, and she succeeds in sending the Savior back to the original world, using her massive energy! But the evil spiritualist Arles spoils the flesh of the Sailor-Heart who is only left, for the purpose of cursing the Sailor-Heart who is under Arles’s thumb. The Sailor-Heart receives obstinate surrender on the tight flesh just like being tasted… But fortunately, right after she reaches the acme with the foe’s meat stick, thanks to a pray of the Savior, she returns to the original world. But the curse still wrecks the flesh gradually… Actually, now it is inevitable for the Sailor-Heart to fix her eyes on a male’s area between its thighs! The Sailor-Heart clearly notices her own body change, so that before the curse advances, of her own accord she ventures into the space that Arles has created. Well, will she be able to turn the flesh back to the original state? And will the world be saved? [BAD END]
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