Trance: Eternal Enslavement

this mind fuck session uses a powerful induction using the confusion technique, you will drop so very deep and eternal enslavement will be your fate. I will hijack your mind with ease, and mould your subconscious to instantly become attune to only me. Warning. This session will induce amnesia, of course it will be for your own good and assist your deep submission to me but be warned How often do you dream of completely submitting, letting go and becoming beautifully free. I can show you a way if you dare, do you dare to follow me, to listen to my stimulating mesmerizing voice. There is no going back. I will toy with your mind, mentally exhaust you to submission, but it will feel so so good, I will fuck with your mind in every conceivable way but for some reason you will be simply left with complete and utter amnesia and a drone like compulsion to worship only me. The journey to eternal enslavement will be a very easy one, and once you arrive you will never leave. Clip contains: confusion Induction, Mind fuck, mesmerize, brainwash, Trance jerk off instruction, mental domination, erotic hypno, femdom POV, cleavage
This clip features elements of: Mesmerize

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Duration: 00:25:54
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