“Traded For Cash”” Western Wonder Woman

“Traded For Cash”” Western Wonder Woman – WMV – Vivian Ireene Pierce, Northbound, CTTF, Hand over mouth, Spin Change, Tired Fetish, Depowerment

VIVIAN IREENE PIERCE as Bushwacker Wonder Woman and extra-special guest star NORTHBOUND Store # 51405 as Moonshine Bob


Our story begins with local legend Moonshine Bob talking to Enrique (one of his henchmen) about a batch of moonshine that needs to go out before the end of the day. As he directs Enrique, Moonshine Bob calls his employer, the powerful and wealthy industrialist known as Mr. Takagi. It seems that Japan has a powerful thirst for Bob’s fruit-infused craft moonshine, and business profits have never been higher!
Unfortunately, Bob’s limited-edition “Summer Lovin’ With Your Cousin” apple moonshine also has a potent batch of botulism, and the A.T.F. has asked the Inter-Agency Defense Command to intervene in the case on their behalf before it becomes a health epidemic. Steve Trevor sends in I.A.D.C. specialist Diana Prince to investigate. Dressed in a shiny green blouse, tight denim blue jeans, OTK white leather boots (and matching belt) and a wide-brimmed 1970’s sunhat, Diana is the very model of 1970’s fashion!
Investigating Moonshine Bob’s distillery, she sees the terrible conditions inside the plant. Dirty moonshine jars, unsanitized bottling equipment, and garbage cans filled to overflowing! This bottling facility should be closed down forever! Seeing enough that she feels confident that she can make the arrest, Diana finds a quiet place to change and quickly spin-transforms into her Bushwacker Wonder Woman costume (red spandex top, white denim jeans, red and white boots, and golden power belt, tiara and bracelets) to make the arrest of Moonshine Bob!
Sneaking upstairs, she sees Bob on the phone with his buyer Mr. Takagi. Moonshine Bob panics and tosses the phone aside, and when Wonder Woman leans over the bed to retrieve the phone Bob wastes no time in pulling her down onto the bed. A short tussle ensues, and Wonder Woman gets hit on the back of the head with a billy club by Moonshine Bob. Temporarily stunned, Wonder Woman feels the clever criminal remove her golden power belt, the source of all her super-strength! Unable to resist, the prized magic artifact slips off of her shapely waistline. Not wasting any time, Moonshine Bob also produces a special “moonshine cloth” and clamps it firmly over Bushwacker WW’s nose and mouth, pressing it home tightly. Panicked, Wonder Woman struggles valiantly but robbed of her super-strength she slowly succumbs to the tired and soporific effects of the sinister
When Wonder Vivian eventually recovers she finds herself bound in chair bondage. Still groggy and weak, Wonder Woman tries to break free of the rope but with just human strength it’s impossible. Moonshine Bob enters and after mocking the courageous heroine he ties her onscreen with a white cleave gag to keep her quiet. Angrily shouting at Moonshine Bob through her gag, Wonder Woman demands to be set free but Bob has other plans for the amazonian powerhouse..
Later on, alone, Wonder Woman works diligently at untying herself from her rope bondage. Knowing that physical strength is pointless in this circumstance, she uses her long and beautiful fingernails to carefully work the knots of the rope. Eventually her diligence pays off and Wonder Woman is free once more! Still missing her power belt though, Wonder Vivian opens the door and confronts Enrique (who is still bottling the botulism-infected moonshine for Mr. Takagi) and implores him to stop being an accomplice to a health epidemic.
Wonder Woman almost has the situation under control when Moonshine Bob arrives and sexually the depowered superheroine, groping up her wonder-sized breasts with wild abandon, making the amazonian princess recoil in horror. Unable to fend him off Wonder Woman is trying to keep Moonshine Bob from groping her any further when he produces the nightstick and cracks her on the back of the skull once more, sending her crashing into dreamland a second time. Stunned and woozy, Wonder Vivian drops to the floor and she can feel moonshine Bob giving her another taste of the white cloth soaked in something sinister. Smelling the rest-inducing chemicals going to work, Wonder Woman tries to get free but she soon gives in to Morpheus and drifts off to slumberland…
Awakening a long while later, Wonder Woman discovers she’s bound to a basement banister railing, leading down to the distillery’s toxic basement where the worst of the chemicals are stored. Bound with rope at the wrists and the ankles with white rope, her legs dangle above a steep drop downwards. Unable to get free of the ropes and with a moonshine-soaked white cloth taped over her nose and mouth, it becomes harder and harder to focus on the task at hand as the botulism makes Wonder Woman more and more confused, finally culminating in a spiraling descent into toxic shock and eternal sleepytime… Is this the end for our immortal superheroine?
Breast Groping, Multiple Bondage and Gagged Sets (Including Bannister Bondage with Bondage At Wrists and Ankles With a Medical Cloth Gag and a Chair Tie at Ankles, Wrists, Stomach, and Upper Legs with White Cleave Gag Tied Tightly Onscreen), Sleepytime Takedown, Sleepytime Defeat, Sleepytime Medical Rag Over Nose and Mouth, Fluttering Eyelids, Slurred Speech, Defeated Heroine Laying Prone on Bed, Spin Transformation Into Bushwackers Costume, Diana Prince Clothing and Eyeglasses (1970’s Style), Struggling While In Bondage, Slow Panning Shots of Defeated Wonder Woman, Belt Removal and Debelting, Denim Jeans Fetish, Shiny Blouse, Boot Fetish, Wide Tight Belt, Leotard Fetish, Booty Shots, Big Butt, Big Breasts, Background Music from the Wonder Woman TV Show, Gag Talk, Peril, Damsel in Bracelet Fetish, Cosplay, Spandex, CTTF, Hand over Mouth
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