Jul 272019


Ariel X has been cyber bullying Nicole Oring. Nicole has had enough of it and is confronting her bully. The women stand chest-to-chest slinging insults at one another. They are wearing nothing more than thong underwear. Nicole tackles Ariel. Both women fall to their hands and knees. Ariel and Nicole each grab their opponent’s nearest foot and begin biting. Eventually, Ariel succumbs to the pain and rolls over. Nicole jumps on her, putting her in a beautiful head scissors. Nicole’s round booty crushes Ariel’s pretty face until Ariel scratches her attacker. Ariel grabs and mauls Nicole’s exposed breasts. Nicole lets out a blood-curdling scream that could wake the dead. Nicole picks Ariel up by her hair and runs her face first into the wall. Ariel goes flying to the floor. Nicole takes the opportunity to bite the heel of Ariel’s foot. Ariel returns the favor by biting Nicole’s Achilles tendon. Ariel takes Nicole’s back and uses Nicole’s own long black hair to choke her until she is gurgling cries for help. If you are a fan of pretty girls screaming as they bite each other’s feet, then this is definitely the video for you.
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