[email protected] by Dr. Perv

In this custom clip, Felicity begins her day with a nice work out and some gentle stretching when she gets a text from Green Arrow stating that Dr. Perv has excaped from prison after being put there by Arrow and Felicity three years ago. Felicity rushes off to take a quick shower (where she masturbates) before getting ready to go help Arrow track down Dr. Perv. As she is finishing getting ready she is attacked by Dr. Perv who handcuffs, blindfolds, and gags her. She is teleported to his bedroom where he reveals that he will get his revenge against Arrow by fucking Felecity and then offering Arrow a deal – he can trade himself to Dr. Perv in exchange for Felicity. Felicity is laid on the bed in her restraints and is forced to rub Dr. Perv’s cock with her feet. Her restraints are removed and she is forced to blow Dr. Perv. Relustant at first, she is quickly overcome by his power and begins to enjoy sucking him tremendously. He turns her over and eats and fingers her ass before turning her face up to eat her pussy until she cums. She is then allowed to ride Dr. Perv’s cock before he lifts her and fucks her against the wall. She begs to suck his cock some more. Dr. Perv takes her back to the bed where he orders her to remove her thigh highs and high heels and he teleports her trainers to his bedroom. He tells her he wants to fucks her wearing nothing but her trainers. Once they are on he fucks her in multiple positions until Felicity begs him to cum on her face. He straddles her, allowing her to lick his balls as he jerks off onto her pretty face. She wipes his cum into her mouth so she can taste his jizz. Arrow arrives after Felicity has been fully violated by Dr. Perv, and he fires an expoloding arrow that knocks out Dr. Perv allowing Arrow to escape with Felicity.
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Duration : 00:52:54
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