Feb 102021

Tina’s Sex Doll – Carissa Montgomery Tina Lee Comet

Tina’s Sex Doll – Carissa Montgomery Tina Lee Comet
Tina and her friend Carissa are getting ready to go to the beach when Tina springs a surprise. She knows Carissa has always wanted to go to a nude beach so she found one and that’s where they’re going. Carissa is very excited and anxious to go but Tina suggests that they put on sunscreen before they leave the house, since it’s a nude beach and it might be awkward getting to all the nooks and crannies in public. Carissa agrees and Tina offers to put lotion on her. Carissa strips out of her bikini thinking Tina will just do her back but Tina tells her to lay down on the bed and she’ll make sure she’s covered all over, it’ll be just like a spa treatment. As Tina slathers the lotion all over Carissa’s back, legs and ass, she takes a few liberties and gets a little gropey but Carissa just giggles and doesn’t mind. When she finishes her back and tells her to flip over, Carissa reminds Tina that she’s perfectly capable of doing the front herself but Tina insists and Carissa gigglingly agrees. While Tina is massaging lotion into Carissa’s breasts, Carissa starts to notice something funny, she can’t seem to move her arms or legs. Tina casually replies that this is just the magic lotion doing it’s job. Carissa starts to become concerned as Tina continues to explain that, just like Carissa has always wanted to go to a nude beach, Tina has always wanted to turn Carissa into her personal Sex Doll. Carissa tries to fight the magic but it is to no avail and she gradually freezes into a stiff but malleable sex doll complete with wide open mouth for Tina to manipulate into different positions and fuck with her strap-on.
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