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Tigger Rosey – Sister Makes You Crave BBC

Tigger Rosey – Sister Makes You Crave BBC
I’ll keep it brief, as I really want your kinky take on thi. I’d like you to make it sensual, like you’re trying to hipn0**ze me into craving BBC.

-Basically, you come into my room to confront me about spying on you, I watched you fuck your black boyfriend by the pool.
-You’re totally against white bois, and you think I should embrace BBC. You tell me it’s totally normal for a white boi to be interested in black men, to crave their superior cocks etc.
-Tell me how you want me to think about BBC everytime I see white pussy. You want to make me a pussy free white boi
-Tell me you want me to taste black cum, to clean your white pussy out
-Get on a bed, missionary, pull off your bottoms, and spread your legs.
-Encourage me to eat black cum,
no-show me different positions, and make me clean you in each
-Make me suck your toes a bit in each position, as that’s what a good white boi would do while they watch BBC fuck white pussy.
-Talk about black cock constantly, trying to burn it in my mind, making me stroke my tiny white penis throughout
-After a while, pretend you start to enjoy me cleaning you, I’m going deeper and deeper, so eager
-Be missionary, Build yourself up, pretending I’m going to make you cum, moan a lot, telling me I’m a good little white boi, telling me to keep going, curl your toes, and pretend to cum, shaking and moaning, really overact. Mess up your hair during climax.
-Be laying in bed, looking exhausted, smiling, you knew I was a f*g for BBC, now you want me to cum for it. Start yelling at me to cum for BBC, flip over doggystyle, teasing me with your ass, spreading it, telling me to picture a black cock thrusting inside it, keep reminding me to picture BBC. Keep repeating phrases to hy**0 me into busting for a black mans cock
Please talk lots about bro/sis, BBC, black cock, white pussy..*
Also, please have your feet and toes in view as much as possible, they are perfection! And please tease me with your white ass lots too, pretend I sneak peaks at it around the house, but it was made for BBC onl. And finally, keep the bikini top on, but tease me by only pulling one breast out, telling me they are only for black men.
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