Tiffany Watson – Gold Valkyrie Chapter 2 – Encounter With A Henchman

Gold Valkyrie is working on a project at the office when she gets an alert. One of Dr. Nitro’s henchman has broken into a facility downtown in Metro City. The henchman is the loudmouth Zone, and he has a unique power to counter Gold Valkyrie in combat. Dr. Nitro wants the henchman to steal a power generator for his evil plan. Gold Valkyrie must stop Zone for getting the second piece to Dr. Nitros evil plan. After she gets to the loudmouth Zone she realizes she is in store for quite a battle. Zone is able to drain her of all of her energy from fondling and then gets her on her knees to perform blow job on him. He fucks her in multiple positions and defends his turf before cumming all over the disgraced pretty superheroine’s face.
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