Oct 152020

Therapist Knows You Dream

Therapist Knows You Dream
You are my therapist. When I arrive for my appointment you aren’t in your office. Instead there is a genie lamp on your desk, with a hand-written note next to it that says, "RUB ME." I pick up the lamp, rub it, and put it back on your desk. I sit down on my usually chair across from you and soon, you magically appear in your chair (a slow fade) wearing a genie costume, arms folded in front of your chest. You greet me very flirtatiously. You’re doing this for me because I’ve been making a lot of progress lately and you know about my genie fetish. You aren’t REALLY a genie and can’t grant any magical wishes, this is just a one time thing for fun. But you do want to get into the role so you grant me some wishes that you CAN fulfill. You very sensually start taking the genie top off (I’ve definitely wanted to see THOSE for a while) and then throw it on your desk. You squeeze your tits then play with your nipples. After a while you reach for the genie top and put it back on. Now you say that you’re going to give BOTH of us a wish. You pull down your genie pants or panties just enough to expose your pussy, which you begin to rub. You moan and keep trying to make eye contact with me but it feels so good that your eyes keep rolling upward. Once you are satisfied you pull your panties back up. For the third wish you decide to give me a lapdace. You get up off the chair and begin to give me a lapdance, frequently exposing your pussy, ass, and tits. Even though I’ve never said it, you know that I’ve fantasized about you in a genie costume before. You sit back down in your chair because my session is just about up for today, so you tell me that you’ll see me next week. Then you fold your arms in front of your chest and nod your head. You begin to fade away, and as you disappear you give me a cute flirtatious "Bye!" with a cute little wave. After you’ve completely vanished the shot stays on your empty chair for a brief moment before the clip ends.
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