Their Own Personal Sex Slave

veruca james,caroline pierce,Tina Lee Comet
Dixie has invited her domme friend, Caroline, over to share her new little lesbian sex slave with. The girls are chit chatting over a glass of wine when Dixie springs the surprise on Carolineand Caroline is thrilled. Dixie leaves the room and returns with the naked slave, Veruca, who is ballgagged with her wrists bound with leather cuffs behind her back. Caroline is instantly in love with Veruca when she obediently kneels and kisses Carolines feet when told by her master. The girls have Veruca stand so that Caroline can inspect the milky white naked girl-she gropes her tits, bends her over to get a lovely look at her ass, smacking and spreading her cheeks and grabbing at her pussy lips. Caroline then pulls Veruca over her lap for a hand spanking while Dixie finger fucks her slaves pink pussy.
Veruca is then made to kneel on the floor as Dixie and Caroline undress down to their vintage style undergarments. Veruca is ungagged by Dixie and is told to show their guest just how well her tongue has been trained to pleasure a pussy. Veruca crawls onto the couch and services Carolines pussy-meanwhile Dixie puts on her strap-on and fucks her slave from behind as Veruca eats their guests pussy to an orgasm. The two dommes then switch it up-Caroline fucks the slave from behind while Dixie gets her pussy licked to an explosive orgasm. Falling into a cuddle puddle, Dixie suggests the girls take the fun upstairs where they can really break their little dolly in.
Veruca is tied spread-eagled on the bed as the dommes, Caroline and Dixie, tease and kiss the slave girl play toy. Dixie moves down to eat Verucas pussy while Caroline her tits, slapping, pinching and biting her nipples. If the slave receives pleasure, she must receive pain in return. The dommes swap spots and Caroline goes to lick Verucas pussy while Dixie tit busts her dolly-she also explains the story of how she lured her into becoming her little sex slave.
Dixie feels as though her slave is getting a little too much pleasure-she knows just how much Veruca hates the penis gag, so she brings it out and shoves it into her mouth. Dixie wraps her mouth around the cock, getting it nice wet with her spit-she hovers over Verucas head and plunges her pussy down on the cock and rides her face while Caroline continues to eat her pussy. Caroline wants to ride the dick too, so the girls swap spots and continue their fun. Again, Dixie is thinks that Veruca is beginning to get into using the penis gag, so she undoes her from the spread eagle and pushes her over both the dommes laps for a firm over the knee spanking done by both women. They spank her creamy booty a rosey red and they even spread her ass apart and administer a butthole spanking. They get Veruca back on the bed and on all fours with that pussy very vulnerable.
Dixie and Caroline admire Verucas freshly spanked pink ass as she is all on fours. Dixie goes to put on the strap-on and Caroline guides the slave girls head, who is still gagged with the penis gag, to her pussy to fuck her. Dixie spits on Verucas pussy before shoving her cock inside her from behind and fucking her while she fucks Caroline with the pens gag. Dixie will not let her little sex slave cum yet though, she wants their guest to make her cum all over the cock. So the women switch places and Caroline puts the strap-on on-she fucks Veruca as Veruca fucks Dixie with the penis gag. Dixie is so turned on watching her little slave girl get fucked to orgasm that she bursts too. Dixie sits Veruca up, removes her gag and tells her to thank Mistress Caroline for her orgasms-Caroline then puts a ball gag in her mouth, give her some titty slaps and a goodnight gag kiss and Dixie drags her off to the cellar.
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