thegoldenhunty – SPH Bratty Step-Mom Reject Tiny Dick

Your step-mom is undeniably attractive. She’s young, gorgeous, and could get any man she wanted. Every time you see her you get horny so you avoid her and go jack off alone. Today you want to see more because you can’t help yourself. You decide to spy on her while she’s getting ready for a relaxing bath. While slipping off her robe she notices you’re there. She’s too tired and fed up with the day that she stays topless and has you show her your dick. She’s disgusted with how small it is. She tells you that your dick is about the same size as your [email protected]’s which is embarrassing because it must be genetic. She confesses she’s only with your [email protected] because he’s a beta bitch that worships her. There’s no chance with you and her unless she cuckolds you and or fucks you in the ass just like she does with your pathetic [email protected]
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