Jun 082021

The Power of Suggestion, Part 2: Anny Aurora & Texas Patti

The Power of Suggestion, Part 2: Anny Aurora & Texas Patti
The Power of Suggestion, Part 2: Anny Aurora & Texas Patti
In Part 2 of Kink’s exclusive, four-part series, “The Power of Suggestion,” we enter the lives of Anny Aurora and Texas Patti. Anny and Texas have fallen into an online video rabbit hole looking for something to occupy them during Covid quarantine, and the good Reverend Tommy Pistol has presented them with an unusual, but seductive answer.they can join his cult and learn the secrets of the universe! But in order to be part of his exclusive family, they must first hand over some collateral – a video of their filthiest sexual fantasies! Kink viewers will be happy to learn that Anny knows how to be good and nasty to her little bitch, Texas. Even the good Reverend will be surprised!

Anny pounces on Texas and immediately has her way with her. She orders her to strip down and crawl on the floor, leashed like a dog, before making her lie back, with her ass up on the couch. Anny fingers her pussy and vigorously rubs Patti’s swollen clit. She pours oil onto Patti, then gets down to business, fucking her tight virgin ass with her fingers and then with toys. Patti’s eyes roll back in her head every time she has an orgasm. Anny bends her over the couch so she can strap-on ass fuck her, making her cum even more.

Featuring Femdom, bondage, spanking, dog collar, pussy fingering, vibrator fucking, anal, and a strap-on.
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,strapon ,submission,humiliation,facesitting

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