The Nightgown Chronicles: A Startling Evening

In this sensual, startling continuation of the Nightgown Chronicles, Jacquelyn Velvets is only trying to find a nice place to relax on a quiet evening in. She has pulled out a variety of sexy satin nightgown to wear throughout her night, and has canceled all of her plans for the rest of the evening.

Unfortunately, the intruder in her home hasn’t. He stalks her from room to room, bursting out just in time to scare the wits out of her again and again. Her poor heart can’t handle it, and each time he subjects her to a jump scare, Jacquelyn swoons and collapses to the floor!

Perhaps one day, her nightgown obsessed attacker will tire of these games.but not tonight.

This movie contains multiple scare fainting KOs, nightgowns
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