The Masked United

In the year 20XX, the world was terrorized by a mysterious entity called KAIJIN. Mika, aka “Masked United”, fights against such KAIJIN. After surviving an accident, she acquired the power to manipulate bioelectric currents at will and the ability to transform into Masked United. But for Masked United, there was a price to pay for the transformation. Strong cravings out of control occur after the battle, always dominating Mika. During a fight with KAIJIN, United’s desire runs out of control due to the overuse of her abilities. She fights while suppressing her burning body, but her enemies play with her body. Somehow, she manages to defeat them and is relieved, but then Vagrantz, a KAIJIN cadre, appears in front of her. The aura of Vagrantz causes the incomparable horny to go wild in the United all at once, causing her to faint in agony. United, whose body is manipulated, plays with her crotch and causes her to become incontinent. Vagrantz comes to United’s side, who’s jittery and twitching, unable to move. Vagrantz said, “You’re a monster, just like us.” United was captured by Vagrantz. Will she be able to overcome her desire to be toyed with…? [BAD ENDING]
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