Jul 212021

The Man in the Moon Tie

The Man in the Moon Tie
It has been a rough year. We all have various degrees of unprocessed grief about the health of our planet, the state of our nation, and our lives individually. Sometimes we could use a little assistance in acknowledging our suffering, expressing our suffering and, ultimately, releasing our suffering. That is where BDSM can help. Tied in a knees-spread Moon Tie, Kino is raised into the air, suspending from the ground. I pull his ankles high, exposing his thighs, genitals, and soul. Utilizing a cane, a whip, and my very sharp fingernails, I create sensations for Kino to process. These serve to make his emotional suffering become physical. Kino is transitioned into an ass-up "kneeling" suspension, which creates great stress itself – change can be painful. He processes it and settles in to his new reality. I challenge him with intense cane strokes to the soles of his feet and my fingers up his ass. Kino responds with a release of fluids – sweat, drool and tears. I am honored to be a part of this process.
femdom bondage,ass fingering,anal,prostate massage

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