May 312018

The Lucky One – Scarlet Witch vs Psylocke

The Lucky One – Scarlet Witch vs Psylocke
A Game of chance of who is going to be the lucky super heroine and that will for you to judge!
Starring: Nyssa Nevers as Psylocke and Anastasia Pierce as Scarlet Witch
Summary: Both Scarlet Witch and Psylocke have received an e-mail from Wolverine to accompany him to Japan on a mission. Both Super Heroine wants to join him and get to know him much better. but only one can go!
They will test their powers in a test of strength and when they can not settle who is the strongest, they decide to play a game of chance. The rules are the looser will not only will be missing out on the trip she will also get fucked by the other girl by a thick and long strap-on!
Includes: Nyssa Nevers, Anastasia Pierce, Psylocke, Scarlet Witch, Game of Chance, Dare, Girl-Girl, Super Heroine Lesbians, Pantyhose Destruction, Powers, Special Fx, Dirty Talk, Sex Game, Magic Powers, Super Heroines in Sexual Situations, Blow Job, Strap-on
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