The Knockout Next Door – Starring Coco

Starring Coco and James Barbatus

Hot young single Coco is so excited for tonight! She has a hot date, and she just knows that her intended will be head over heels for her by the end of the night.

Unfortunately for her, though, she already has an admirer.the dastardly James Barbatus! Just as she’s getting ready to leave to make her rendezvous, James appears from nowhere and knocks her totally senseless. He tosses her over his shoulder as though she’s weightless, and carries her to the bedroom.where the evening’s real festivities begins.

He uses a variety of methods to keep Coco in and out so that he can have his fun with her. Time and again, she struggles to conscience only to be put out once more.

Certainly, though, James won’t keep her like this forever?

This movie contains fainting KOs, teasing chloroform KO, gas mask KO, sleepy spray KO, head slam KO, sleeper hold KO, head bonk KO, toplessness, over the shoulder carries, dragging, limp play
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