Are you ready for the next chapter of this amazing adventure by the famous George Perez, well ready of not – here it is. Yes Fringe, Serene Siren, in her super sexy fringe outfit is called upon again to do battle, this time she is taking on the sexiest of patriotic super heroins; Independence Dame, Kit Mercer. And just wait till you see Kit in her star spangled super suit, it so shows off her feminine curves and those boots and short skirt so accentuate that amazing ass, but I digress – the story, yes the story is that a nuclear plant has been compromised and Independence Dame has been tasked with saving the world. This task is complicated when she meets up with Fringe – in the ring they are thrust and we are treated to a battle royal. Of course this is no ordinary battle, no, these are super heroines with super powers – so when Fringe pulls Dame’s top apart and grabs her breasts a super jolt is seen and felt through out. All those special effects have our beauties thrown about the ring, Fringe even ends up topless with legs spread wide in the corner as Dame uses her destructive powers on the gorgeous blonde. Watch as a camel clutch can explode a head of a test of strength turns knuckles to fire. And when the programmers come into the picture it gets even more complicated – so get ready – BECASUE THE WORLD NEEDS TO BE SAVED !!!!!!
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