The Fighter 4K Starring Coco

Clara “The Horse” is training for her fight. As an MMA fighter, she is one of the best in her class and tomorrows fight will clinch the win for woman UFC. And she will win, she is very confident of herself.

A man comes over to her home wanting to talk to her. She listens as he explains that he is the boyfriend of the girl she is to fight and wants her to throw the fight just to help his girlfriend out. Clara’s laughter and snarky response gave the man his answer but he would not leave. So she started tenderly hitting him—kinda like playing with her food. But the man did get in one good punch which really pissed her off, so she beats him up. She is getting an object ready for the mans orifice as a parting gift when he clobbers her with a hammer.

She goes down, but amazingly gets right back up. But, in her diminished capacity the man is able to overtake her, eventually choking her out with a fight move called the Guillotine. She lies on the floor, ass up, and he spends time messing with her. He gets her shorts off, she’s that she has no panties, and rips a whole in her fishnets and starts fucking her.

She eventually wakes up, and he forces her across the couch and fucks her holes for a good long time before eventually summing all over her face. She vows to get revenge but he decides to really finish her and wraps a garrote around her neck.

She is tough and the strangle is long, starting against the couch than moving to the floor where at one point her body twists on her stomach then back again. Eventually, he kills her.

Later, as he records Clara’s dead body on his phone, he also places a bet with his bookie on the odds of her not showing up to the fight. He shoves her body over then leaves.

Role Play & Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Fighting, Beating, Head Hit, Chock Out, Unconscious, Molestation, Sexual Assault, Ass Play, Ass Worship, Fishnets, Garrote Strangling, Some Necro, Posing, Body Views, Foot Views.
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