Christina Carter vs. Cherie Deville
WOW – this one has everything, and has it all the way, yes when Christina Carter and Cherie Deville decide to have it out — they have it all the way out. Christina is the heavy weight title holder but Cherie tells her she can beat her if there are no rules, well Christina likes the thought of no rules so we have a fight. When I say everything I mean it: bare fisted slugs, many great holds, face sits, biting, smothers, milking and nudity – that’s right eventually they get naked, except for their sexy stockings and they do this so they can destroy every part of their fabulous bodies. Lots of amazing scissors, my favorite when Cherie clamps on a scissors around Christina’s buxom bosoms, or when Christina snaps on a reverse waist scissor then when facing Cherie’s beautiful butt she gives her the best wedgie. Boston crabs, camel clutches, and so many great breast smothers and each lady wins a fall, so you know this last fall has to be something special. And of course between falls they are constantly spraying water to keep cool, making their femininity shine. So to sum it up quite adequately let me just say, WOOOOWWWW !!!!!!
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,catfight,submission ,humiliation,overpowered,facesitting breast smother

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