The Coming Storm

Wonderstrike is feeling good about her new heroine agency when she meets two new clients. Unfortunately, rather than hiring her for crimefighting, they’re more interested in kidnapping her for lab testing. Wonderstrike resists, but perhaps she isn’t as strong as she thinks she is?
Wonderstrike has been doing well since the break-up of Elite Force. She’s running a small heroine agency that deals with low level crime and is making a killing. She is meeting her newest clients, but all is not what it seems. In walk Darius Dread and his bodyguard Midnight, Dread clearly has no respect for the Lady Wonder, and makes it clear that she keeps her heroines off his patch, but first he wants to do some lab tests on her. Wonderstrike isn’t willing to go with him, which he had anticipated. Midnight steps forward and shocks Wonderstrike with his near immunity to her strength. The blonde girl in the spandex is going to be shown that she’s not as powerful as she thinks she is.
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