The Bad L1euten@nt!

Lieutenant Veruca James is on the hunt for the dangerous criminals who have been knocking over banks and jewelry shops all over the city. No one else in the department seems to be taking the crimes seriously and the case has been on ice for a while. She’s gotten a tip off about master mind Kendra James hiding out in the outskirts of town so she’s going to investigate and see what she can find out about the heists. Lieutenant James storms into the room where the head Mistress Kendra of the S&M gang is relaxing. Unfortunately for the young and eager detective she fails to notice that the devious dom’s partner in crime is sneaking up behind her and with a bone crushing karate chop the Swiss Assassin Anastasia disarms the surprised cop. The shocked officer tries to defend herself against the diabolical twosome and raises her in a brave attempt to beat back the encroaching criminals. Unfortunately for the brave flat foot she is outnumbered and quickly knocked into semi consciousness. Being the perverted derelicts they are, the two crooks tie her hands behind her back and strip Veruca by ripping her clothes off and exposing her silky white skin. Her white button up shirt is ripped open displaying her milky tits, her pants torn off to reveal her long legs and pink pussy. The two criminals gasp and giggle when they find out Veruca forgot to wear panties today! Unable to defend herself, detective James is forced to worship at the feet of the queens of crime. Head Mistress Kendra grabs a handful of Veruca’s hair and forces her to lick her filthy black boot. Not one to let her sister in crime out do her, Anastasia grabs the struggling lieutenant and rams her head between her voluptuous Alpine-esque tits, forcing the gasping cop to motorboat Anastasia until she is about to pass out. Kendra further humiliates the weakened deputy by plunging her fingers into her tight little asshole. Veruca screams in shock and shame as the violating dom rams her fingers in and out of the helpless cop’s ass. The two criminals are relentless in the torture of the pleading officer. One of them fingering her anally while the other plays with her pussy and smothers her with her giant tits. The devious duo interrogate Veruca about her department and demand to know who else knows she’s there and what intel they have on them. Despite her predicament, the good cop won’t give up any information, so the criminals take the situation even further. They strap on huge cocks and take turns banging the lieutenant. The Swiss assassin thrusts her stiff dick into Veruca’s wet cunt while Kendra fucks her face. The poor humiliated officer is still tied with her hands behind her back and is skewered from both ends, helpless to defend herself. She begs for mercy, but the criminals don’t care. They take turns fucking her ass while taunting her that her department works for them. She’s the last good cop, but when they’re finished with her she’ll have no choice but to work for them. They even show her the security cameras that have been running the whole time to record her anal humiliation and promise to release it to the public if she doesn’t agree to do what she’s told. They might even whore her out on the street to bring in some extra cash, after all, she does have a tight little butt hole… at least for now. When they finish their anal escapades the pair leave their new slut embarrassed on the floor, still tied with the remnants of her ripped clothing surrounding her. Fighting, ripping of clothing, double team, anal humiliation, anal sex, anal fingering, strap on sex, lesbian domination, catsuits, cosplay, finger fucking, hardcore, interrogation, bondage, clothing destruction, boots, humiliation, peril, damsel in distress, surprise attack, super heroine, super villain, girl girl
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