The Adventures of Wonder Vivian: The Counterfeiter’s Plate (Part 1)

The Adventures of Wonder Vivian: The Counterfeiter’s Plate (Part 1) – HD – Vivian Ireene Pierce, Catfighting, Spandex, Boots, Pantyhose, Bullets and Bracelets
starring VIVIAN IREENE PIERCE as Wonder Vivian, KRYSTAL LECLAIRE as Baroness Paula VonGunther and guest star MAXWELL POWERS as Colonel Trevor

Our story starts out with Colonel Trevor (in his military dress uniform) already captured and being held as a captive by the Baroness VonGunther. With Colonel Trevor tied to the chair with lots of rope, he can’t break free and he’s ruthlessly interrogated by VonGunther. As it turns out, the head of the Department of the Treasury was found shot and exterminated in his car two days earlier and it looks like they are desperately searching for the engraving plates he was supposed to carry with him. These plates would enable anyone to print an unlimited amount of bills which could ruin the nation’s economy. VonGunther knows through ehr network of informants that Colonel Trevor possessed the engraving plates but Steve went to see a talented mesmerist in order to give himself a subliminal suggestion to ‘forget’ the location of the hidden plates until he received a command word from the President to allow him to ‘remember’ the location.

The Baroness VonGunther asks Steve for the location of the plates but Steve (honestly) says that he cannot remember where they’re hidden. Rruthlessly beating and striking Colonel Trevor with her riding crop numerous times only proves the point that the security precaution is stronger than VonGunther’s powers of domination. Realizing that Steve would have given her the information if he actually, VonGunther knows the only way to extract the hidden information from Steve’s mind is to lure Wonder Vivian to the location and get Wonder Vivian’s magic lasso from her. The golden lasso of Hestia will have the power to unlock all of Steve’s inner secrets!

When Wonder Vivian arrives at the location where Steve is kept, she is quickly attacked by the despicable but she uses her magic bracelets in order to deflect their bullets. After blocking six shots coming her way (and one aimed directly at Colonel Trevor) Woder Vivian gets a faceful of a special chemical bomb which explodes in Wonder Vivian’s face! Sprayed with a rest-inducing green dust, Wonder Vivian feels weak and dizzy and barely has the strength to make a hasty retreat with Colonel Trevor. In a second confrontation with them a short time later (after she’s fully recovered) the nasty Paula VonGunther manages to get the upper hand on Wonder Vivian during the second fight and strips Wonder Vivian of her beautiful red and white striped boots. Wonder Vivian returns the favor by taking Paula’s boots from her feet as well. VonGunther Vivian down to the ground and manages to snatch away Vivian’s golden belt of strength during the struggle. Robbed of her super-strength, Vivian tries to snatch her belt back but without her super-reflexes and hand-to-eye coordination Paula manages to keep it away. How will this end for our amazing amazon? Tune in and find out!

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