Testing Out The New Housekeeper

Violet Monroe, Dixie Comet & Nate Liquor
Violet is at her new housekeeping job and her boss Dixie is showing her around, going over cleaning details in the bedroom. But before Violet gets started on her chores, Dixie hands her a bag and tells her they prefer their housekeeper to wear a uniform. Violet pulls it out of the bag and notices a lack of fabric to the pile in her hands. She needs the jobs so she goes into the bathroom to change. As Dixie waits, a debiant smile spreads across her face.
Violet comes out and is embarrassed by how extremely skimpy and revealing the ‘maid’ outfit is. She tells Dixie that she’s not really comfortable wearing it because she feels half naked but Dixie just insists she looks great. Nate, the husband, enters and compliments Violet, who is embarrassed because she mostly naked in front of Dixie’s husband. It doesn’t matter, Nate ensures her, they will be seeing plenty of each other because one of her household duties will be to service them sexually whenever they feel like it. At that Nate grabs her arms and shoves her over to the bed where he ties her wrists behind her back. Violet is so confused, this is not what she signed up for and begs for him to let her go.
Dixie steps back in, totally naked and wearing a strap-on. She shuts Violet up, once Nate gets her on her back, by shoving her cock in Violet’s mouth. Dixie fucks face her while Nate ties her legs into froggy. Then he comes over to join his wife with the face fuckery. They get her on her knees on the floor and Nate gets his turn face fucking her while Dixie ties some rope on her chest. They get poor Violet back on the bed, Dixie ties a tight crtoch rope between her pussy lips and fucks her with the strap-on while Nate fucks her mouthhole. Finally, when Nate has to cum, he comes around and jerks his big load all over the crotch rope and her hairy bush. They sit Violet up and silence her once and for all with a pair of panties and a tight vet wrap cleave. They leave their new housekeeper there to try to get out of the ropes and to clean the bedroom like she is supposed to after she gets herself free.
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