Tentacle Cross Hell 10: Demon Buster Phantom Thief Cats Lady

Cats Lady, is a righteous thief who steals and seals magic stones, the gems in which demons dwell. Her next target is a magic stone belonging to the wealthy Kyosaki. Cats Lady sneaks into Kyosaki’s house and falls into a trap, becoming a prisoner. She is put through a spectacular interrogation by Kyosaki, the man who tries to steal the magic stone she has stolen so far. Kyosaki gives pleasure to her who is in pain and won’t talk. Kyosaki caresses Cat Lady’s secret parts, which are dripping with love juice and writhing, with a magic stone, but she reverses the trick and charms Kyosaki to get the magic stone. She was convinced that she had completed her mission, but just as she was about to seal it, Tendaull, the tentacle monster inside the magic stone, was awakened using Cats Lady’s love juice as energy and attacked her [BAD ENDING]
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