Introducing TEAM SUPERGIRL, a super heroine army of girls of steel. Bella Luxx and Calisa Bliss debut as Supergirl Blue and Supergirl Gold up against one of the most formidable super criminals, The Man in Black (starring Special Guest Villain, Valik, The super heroines dare to bring the villain to justice but are stunned immediately by red sun solar energy that takes away their super powers. The Man in Black strikes at the weakened super heroes by them with punishing face punches, stomach punches, and brutal bear hugs. Gold and Blue fight back eventually shutting down the red solar energy panels that robbed them of their powers. The Man in Black looks to be defeated but reveals he’s not finished when he pulls out his ring of green Kryptonite. The super heroines now appear to be even in more trouble. What perils lie ahead? Find Out!
Clip includes Bella Luxx, Calisa Bliss, Cosplay, Thong Leotard, Male vs Female Combat, Face Punches, Stomach Punches, Bear Hugs, Choke Holds, Back Breaker, Kryptonite, Begrudged Orgasms, Bondage, Mind Control
tags:superheroines fetish,superheroine porn,superheroines sex,humiliation,superheroines adult movies,fantasy,supergirl

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