Tashia’s Graffiti Beating Feat Tashia Rosebottom & Johanna Sullivan

Tashia Rosebottom is CAUGHT by Miss Johanna with a spray paint can making stick figures on the back wall of the hill at their Ranch in the mountains. Johanna immediately walks up, pushes Tashia against the wall and, after chucking the spray paint can out of arms reach, she hand spanks Tashia Rosebottoms little PERT ASS til its red as Tashia yelps to deaf ears as her DOMINANT FEMALE best friend TANS HER HIDE! Johanna tucks Tashias flowing dress up so its not covering, and then SLIDES HER PRETTY FRIENDS PANTIES down her thighs to EXPOSE her BARE BOTTOM to the entire world as she beats it and commands her to stick her little butt out for her spanking! A WONDERFUL GIRL-GIRL SCENE WITH TWO OF THE BEST NEW SWITCHES IN THE SCENE SHOWING OFF WHY THEY ARE FUTURE OF THIS BUSINESS IN TASHIA ROSEBOTTOM & JOHANNA SULLIVAN!
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