Tales of Tiedsville : Two Drink Minimum (Part 3 of 3)

starring CLAIRE VAIL as Wondrous Girl, ESTER AMORAL as Cheetah, and VIVIAN IREENE PIERCE as Nikki Love (formerly Wonder Vivian)

Captured by the Cheetah (in her disguise as Katrina Persia, owner of the Minx Strip Club in Laurel, MD.) the young Wonder Girl has already lost her power belt and bracelets, and now things are about to get a lot worse for our junior-grade crime-fighter. Having her magical tiara stripped from off of her forehead and bound from behind the once-titanic amazon princess struggles and kicks in an effort to break free, but without her power items she’s just an ordinary mortal girl now, with no special abilities whatsoever. The Cheetah takes Drusilla out with a single claw-dart to the shoulder, and without her bracelets to deflect the dart Drusilla is taken out almost immediately and collapses to the ground. As a final indignity the Cheetah also takes Wonder Girl’s fabulous red high-heeled boots as well.

When the young titan recovers she finds that she’s still powerless and now bootless as well. Going to the locked door she can’t overcome the lock without her super-strength and without her tiara she can’t even telepathically summon her step-mother (Queen Hippolyta) for aid or assistance. The Cheetah soon re-enters and uses Wonder Vivian’s magic lasso of truth and forgetfulness and uses it like she did in part 2 to erase Drusilla mind and personality, ordering her to take a new personality as Vicki Valentine, a stripper at the Minx Nightclub. At first Drusilla resists but without her superpowers and against her own golden lasso her willpower quickly fades and crumbles. When “Vicky” has asserted herself, she is given a new identity as a blonde and is put to work (in a slinky red dress) and told to dance for the customers at the nightclub, and as she dances she is sold to the highest bidder online by Katrina Persia. Finally, at the end, a new bidder comes forth and wants BOTH Wonder Women to be his own, but what is his final goal, and what is his final angle? Tune in, and find out!

This clip is for lovers of sexy dancing set to music (one dance number is just Claire Vail dancing to music, the second is her giving a solo dance to the customer with the music somewhat muted and playing softly in the background, and the final song features both Claire Vail and Vivian Ireene Pierce dancing sexily together in front of the customer) as well as magic lasso interrogation and personality destruction and brainwashing using the lasso to rewrite someone’s personality and put a new persona in its place instead. This video also has tiara removal, breast groping, tranquilizer dart fetish, magic lasso bondage and struggling whilst bound, fondling and titty-jiggling (no nudity) as WG struggles to get free from her bondage. It also has slow panning shots of defeated superheroines laying on the floor powerless and defeated and a brief dressing sequence where Wondrous Girl slides on a sexy new red party dress with a halter top. It also has some makeover fetish, high heels, pantyhose & tights fetish, sexy nightclub dress, exotic dancer fetish, a very sexy debooting of Wondrous Girl, an online slave auction for WG as she’s sold to the highest bidder, and plenty of story and adventure as you’ve come to expect. The exotic dancing in this video is superb and you will not want to miss how well these two ladies dance!
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