Tales of Tiedsville : THE SLAVES OF DOCTOR PSYCHO! (Part 3 of 3)

starring VIVIAN IREENE PIERCE as Wonder Vivian and CLAIRE VAIL as Wonder Claire

Catching Wonder Vivian by surprise, the powerless Wonder Claire struggles to keep Vivian from crushing her with her amazonian strength! Knowing that only her combat tactics and martial skills can save her, Wonder Claire gets Vivian in a hold and applies direct pressure to WV’s carotid artery. Knowing that she has to last for at least sixty seconds, the powerless princess from paradise hangs on for dear life and eventually Wonder Vivian’s struggles grow slower and slower, culminating in a brief onto the floor. Not wanting to waste any time Claire quickly confiscates Wonder Vivian’s magic bracelets, golden lasso, and her amazonian belt of strength! Setting those items aside, Wonder Claire thinks about how she can find a way to restore her mind-dominated friend back to normal. Unbeknownst to Claire though, Dr. Psycho gives a silent, unseen telepathic order to Vivian to arise and destroy his hated enemy. Wonder Vivian, even without her super-strength, awakens and attacks her one-time ally and soon it is amazon princess against amazon princess!

The two amazonian sisters battle it out, with no superpowers and no weapons to attack with and no magic bracelets to defend themselves with. The battle seems to be evenly matched and the two women fight standing up, on their knees, and even rolling around on the ground fighting like two hellcats! Eventually though because Claire has a free will her urge to win is stronger than that of her opponent and she lands a judo chop to the base of Vivian’s neck, not only stunning her but inadvertently shorting out the special microchip which allows Dr. Psycho to maintain his diabolical hold on Wonder Vivian’s mind! Snapping out of the mesmerism and the slave-like trance, Wonder Vivian manages to sputter out only a few words before WC (who still doesn’t know she ended the brain control) lands a crashing ‘haymaker’ to Vivian’s jaw, punching the just-freed Wonder Vivian into a deep and bottomless hole of concussion! As Wonder Claire rubs her hand in agony, she knows that she has to find a way to get her own superpowers back before Dr. Psycho cooks up any diabolical plans for her! As Vivian slowly comes to, Wonder Claire sees the true eyes of her bewildered step-sister and knows that Vivian is free from the terrible brain control powers of Dr. Psycho, at least for now! Helping Vivian sit up, Claire apologizes for punching her out so violently, and hands the fallen amazonian warrior her power items back, which Vivian gratefully dons and feels the welcome surge of magical power return to her body. Knowing that Claire’s belt, lasso, and bracelets are all kept in a safe, Wonder Vivian goes out and is easily able to defeat the guards and break open the safe, bringing Wonder Woman back up soon to full power as well!

As the two amazonian sisters go to confront Dr. Psycho however, he has two final obstacles for them…. a laser sentry system with auto-targeting “arsenide” lasers, and a final devious device…a tiny bomb implanted into the base of Wonder Vivian’s neck (which was shown in part 1) which is only the size of a tic-tac but is powerful enough to explode Wonder Vivian’s entire head! Holding the remote detonator, Dr. Psycho demands that both sexy superheroines surrender to him and strip away their power items or Wonder Vivian will meet a very grisly demise with the touch of a single button on the remote! As both heroines realize they’ve been outsmarted, Wonder Claire sullenly unclips her magic lasso and prepares to hand it over to Dr. Remorae… until she sees a subtle-yet-silent signal from her amazonian step-sister, urging her to follow her lead. What happens next is classic Wonder Woman tiara-flinging & magic lasso action and adventure!

This clip is for lovers of G/G catfighting, throttling, choaking holds and moves. This clip also has a debelting, belt removal, some debooting, boot removal, tiara tossing/boomerang action, arm checks, laser-and-bracelet deflection action, pantyhose and tights fetish, cosplay action, spandex, big boobs and big butts, tripping, butt punching, tiara-tossing, multiple Wonder Women swinging magic lassos above their head and roping up a villain in tandem. There’s also jaw punching haymakers, vagina punches, lots of struggling, tight red corsets, 1st season authentic WW costuming, Vivian’s breasts threatening at every second to bounce and spill out of her top, and lots of superhero plot and story as you’ve come to expect from us.
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