Dec 092020

Syren Cove – Tentacle Demon fucks Neko Girl

Syren Cove – Tentacle Demon fucks Neko Girl
Neko Cove is lazy and distracted by cute candies. She forgets to bring the souls to her demon lord so she must satisfy her demon master in some way. Neko’s master demands she undress and present her tiny pussy to him. He then fucks her with his largest tentacle, it’s slime covering her tiny pussy and asshole. Demon Master turns her around and shoves her tentacle in from behind, making her ride it and takes it’s giant girth. He then grabs her with his tentacles, flips her over and fucks her tiny cunt until she cums and squeals for joy. But Demon Master wants to cum as well. He wraps her up and shoves his gigantic tentacle inside her tiny mouth, blowing a massive load down her throat. Neko Cove then apologizes to her master for misbehaving while drool and slobbering cum all over his tentacle.
Categories: Ass, Big Toys, Cosplay, POV, Role Play, Demon, Anime, Super hero, superheroine porn,superheroines fetish.

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