Superv1lle: The Phantasm Z0ne Part 1

After her defeat at the hands of the evil Brainiax, Kira Kent is banished to The Phantasm Zone, an evil prison realm ruled by the powerful Shard. Lost and alone, Kira seeks out a magical jewel that can transport her back to her home. While on her journey Kira is suddenly ambushed by one of Shard’s phantasm minions, and without her powers to help her, she is brutally beaten. Kira is brought before Shard, who recounts the sinister events that brought her to rule the mystical prison. Kira is beaten and whipped, all for Shard’s amusement and pleasure, but the evil ruler of The Phantasm Zone has much more planned for her Kryptonian visitor..
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Info :
Size: 1.19 GiB
Duration: 00:48:05
Resolution : wmv3, yuv420p, 800×450, 3336 kb/s, 30.00 fps(r)
Format: WMV

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